Living The Dream On An Oregon Wine Vineyard


The American Dream…at least here in Oregon, is owning your own wine vineyard. For Paul Durant, the owner and GM of Durant Vineyards located in Dundee, OR, it’s been a family affair:

“I’m second generation here. My parents started the vineyard in 1973 so, and obviously, it’s grown a lot since then. I’ve been able to grow up in the industry and and we’ve kind of seen it all from the very beginning to kind of what it is today, which is pretty amazing.”

Durant Vineyards

For people not familiar with Sauvignon Blanc, Paul had some great things to say about the varietal wine:

I think maybe things are shifting a little bit more to lighter bodied wines, more fruit forward, something that you can enjoy a glass of with a meal, or maybe just a glass on your patio. You know, it’s really not something that has to necessarily be paired with a piece of meat, or something like that. My dad had a saying, that he likes ‘fun wine,’ and so I think Sauvignon Blanc is just a fun wine.”

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