LISTEN:  Raphael House of Portland Says Gabby Petito Case Shines Light on Domestic Violence Issue

PORTLAND, Ore. — Raphael House of Portland helps domestic violence victims become survivors every day.  And Development Director Amanda Ives tells Portland’s Morning News, while the Gabby Petito homicide case appears to be a tragic one, it is putting this issue towards the top of people’s minds.

She says it’s hard to say sometimes why certain cases capture the attention of the nation while others don’t.  Often, it has to do with the victim.  Amanda and the people at Raphael House want people to know that there are resources available and there is always a way out of bad or even dangerous situations.  Even when things are dark and people are living in fear.

Amanda spoke live to KXL’s Brett Reckamp and Veronica Carter on Friday morning.  You can hear their conversation below.  And if you know of someone who is being abused by their partner, or if that is something you’re dealing with, there are people waiting to help you 24/7.

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