LISTEN:  Mom Says Washington County 17-year-old with Pectus Excavatum Fighting Hard

Washington County, — 17-year-old CJ Bonneville has Pectus Excavatum – a sunken chest condition that has taken a major turn for the worse.  CJ’s dad Corbin works for Central Auto Body and they have helped start a Go Fund Me page for the family.  CJ’s mom Heidi Bonneville had an emotional conversation with KXL’s Brett Reckamp.

At last check, CJ was doing his best to stay positive by playing music and games and talking with friends and family while he tries to put on weight and get strong enough for his next surgery.  If you would like to help the family, you can go to their page.  Below is what is written there.

HELP CJ In His Fight Aginst Pectus Excavatum

Portland Teen Corbin “CJ” Bonneville Jr Needs Our Help. At 17 years old he is suffering from Pectus Excavatum (Breastbone sunken into his chest) that is interfering with the function of his heart and lungs. The condition has caused a hole to develop in the valve of his heart and multiple surgeries will be required to fix these situations.

CJ was admitted to the hospital on October 1st after rapid weight loss and episodes of fainting. He remains hospitalized as the doctors attempt to stabilize his condition so he can safely undergo his surgeries.

Needless to say, the medical bills have surpassed the family’s capacity at this point. With CJ’s Mom, Heidi, out of work to help care for CJ full time, his Dad, Corbin Sr., is on his own to try and make ends meet.

The medical costs on top of the normal costs of living have gone beyond this local family’s reach. Anything you can do to help is appreciated beyond words.

Please Help CJ Get Through This Difficult Time.
This is not how any teenager wants to spend their holiday, but with your help,
Thank You!!!!

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