LISTEN:  Dave Adelhart talks about being Commissioner for USA Softball of Oregon

GLADSTONE, Ore. — Dave Adelhart has been around the game of softball for decades.  And now that he is the newest Commissioner for USA Softball of Oregon, he’ll be part of growing the sport for quite a while longer.

Dave was named to the volunteer position last year and spent a good part of his winter behind the scenes setting things up for this season.  He says there are a million things that go into just one tournament from fields to teams to coaches, accommodations and of course, umpires.  But, with his years of experience in softball governing bodies and as head softball coach at Oregon City High School, he knows what’s needed and what’s expected.

Dave currently works for the Clackamas County Children’s Commission.  He sat down for lunch and a lengthy conversation with KXL’s Brett Reckamp.  You can hear that in its entirety below.  If you wish to send him a note, he can be reached at: [email protected]

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