Light Rail Option Wins for I-5 Bridge Replacement

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Light rail, instead of bus options: that’s the alternative that planners say will work best for the I-5 bridge replacement.

Planners say there’s greater demand, it’ll maximize trips across the river and be more equitable and climate-change friendly than bus-on-shoulder or bus rapid transit.  It could get people to the Portland Expo Center more quickly than bus trips requiring a transfer.

The light rail tracks would follow I-5 then head south on Evergreen Boulevard, bring Max trains into Vancouver.

Light rail also stands a better chance of attracting federal money.  The leaders of the project: C-Tran, TriMet and Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny Ogle all agree that light rail is the best option.  It can carry more passengers and is also seen as a greener and more equitable alternative.

The next step is the revealing of a complete plan for the bridge comes on May 5th.

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