Portland, Ore. (KXL) — A local man is claiming he got kicked out of a Portland area library over an instructional video about guns.

Thomas Duncan told his story on the Lars Larson Show today. 

He says on Thursday afternoon, he was at the Fairview branch of the Multnomah County Library system, quietly watching an instructional video about proper shooting stances when a library employee came and informed him about a complaint.

The librarian said another patron had considered the video Duncan was watching to be objectionable.

Duncan says he asked the librarian at that point, “Are you saying you want me to stop?”

Duncan claims, the librarian answered with a quick, “Yes.”

This is where officials with Multnomah County Public Libraries dispute Duncan’s claims.

They say the librarian did not ask Duncan to stop watching the gun video.  They say the librarian did not ask Duncan to leave.  Library officials say Duncan got up and left the library branch on his own.

Duncan says he was wearing headphones while watching the video and that, “it shouldn’t have been a problem for anyone.”

The confused Duncan went on to assert his belief that, “this library employee personally found it objectionable”, speaking about the gun video.

In an email to the Lars Larson Show, Duncan suggests he may seek legal action as a result of the incident.  He also indicates he could seek support from the Oregon Gun Owners Association and the NRA.

In an emailed statement, Multnomah Library managers say their staff works hard to, “balance the needs of all library users” and abide by longstanding public library standards.