Legally Blind Woman Wants Crosswalk Installed at SE 77th And Woodstock

Portland, Or. –  Kathryn Marxen Simonson says she doesn’t feel safe crossing the street at SE 77th and Woodstock. She uses that intersection twice a day on her way to and from work. Even though Oregon law says drivers must stop for a blind pedestrian with a white cane or guide dog, she says many drivers don’t. She has a guide dog to help her get around.

This week, she asked the City of Portland to install a crosswalk and  add signage at the intersection. It turned down her request last year to install an audible pedestrian signal. She says cars “will frequently just keep flying by in both directions.”

John Brady with the Portland Bureau of Transportation says the audible pedestrian signal was denied because the traffic volume did not warrant it. He says “we will of course go back out and look at whether signage and cross walk would be appropriate. So, we will do that.” He says the city standard for a cross walk is that 20 pedestrians per hour must use the intersection. If the number is lower than that, the city will not take action. He says if that’s the case here, he suggests Marxen Simonson cross  Woodstock at SE 72nd, which has a traffic signal.



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