Leaving Cancer Behind for a Day

Nearly 4000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Oregon this year, and almost 600 will die. While it’s one of the cancers that can be beaten with early diagnosis and treatment, it’s a very frightening disease. A Portland non profit tries to help those fighting it by focusing on friendship and some fun. Pink Sistas is the brainchild of Deb Hart. She lost her son a few years ago and then was diagnosed with cancer. She says she was angry and depressed for awhile, but then decided to take action. She started the group Pink Sista’s. She hosts kayaking, paddle boarding and boating retreats for those newly diagnosed and survivors. They go out on the Columbia River a couple of dozen times a summer.


Pink Sista’s is an all volunteer organization and Deb says she couldn’t do it without support from the board of directors and from businesses like Westin Kia and Fred Meyer, who donate money and supplies every year.

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