Lars Thoughts – California Is Using The Best Tool To Fight Fires

Sunday night, the fires began in Northern California: 31 people have died, 28-hundred homes burned, and 180-thousand acres up in flames.

It ranks as the deadliest fire in California history.  And within hours of its start, CalFire called on the 747 Global Supertanker to drop retardant on the fires. Built by Boeing, fire rigged in Oregon, it is of course just one part of a massive response to these blazes.
My point though:  California’s using the Supertanker, while Oregon refused during historic fires just a couple of months ago. Northwest officials, including Governor Kate Brown gave various excuses, too much wind, too much money, terrain too tough. Baloney.

The California fires have tough terrain and high winds but it seems California decided that when you have a big fire, you call in the biggest, fastest fire truck in the sky.  Maybe for next year’s fires, Oregon and Washington can see the light, before they feel the heat.     

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