Lars Thoughts: About the Media Meltdown Over the Trump-Putin Summit

By Lars Larson

The Major Media is in Meltdown over President Donald Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I expected nothing more or less.

Did the Russians mess with our elections? Likely yes.

And we’ll never know if Putin’s GRU agents actually did what the indictment says because it will never come to trial. Should Trump have publicly slapped Putin around more in front of the Press yesterday?

Are you nuts?

Trump promised better relations but a tough stance with Russia and he’s delivered.

Obama told Putin “I am aware of the extraordinary work you have done on behalf of the Russian people” just a few years ago and reporters yawned.

George W Bush said, “I looked Putin in the eye and found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy”. No big deal.

We can certainly fight back against foreign countries messing with our elections, but we should hold up a mirror at the same time as the record shows we’ve done it to dozens of other countries…including just 3 years ago when Obama’s state department sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to change the outcome of an election in our ally Israel.

It didn’t work and neither did Putin’s efforts.

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