Portland, Ore. – KXL’s Conservative talk radio host Lars Larson is getting lots of attention this morning after naming the suspected whistleblower on a Fox News segment Thursday. Lars Larson hosts a daily local and nationally syndicated show on FM News 101 KXL.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Larson became the first person to name the suspected Ukraine whistleblower on live television. He made the comments during a segment on “Outnumbered Overtime,”  hosted by Harris Faulkner. When addressing the issue on his radio show Thursday evening, Larson said the American people had the right to know the name of the whistleblower.

This morning we’re asking you, is it okay to name a whistle blower?  It’s a huge debate right now after the name of the whistle blower in the Ukraine scandal was leaked .

It was leaked on social media and in some other venues and then was broadcast by KXL conservative talk show host Lars Larson.  Lars tells Oregon Live: “I truly believe it’s important to know who he is and if his actions are politically motivated or some heartfelt desire to oust wrongdoing.”

I’ve been in the news business for over 30 years now and there are just some things you don’t do as a journalist. You don’t name kids accused of crimes, you don’t name whistle blowers, you don’t cuss on the air and you don’t use words that are pejorative or showing bias.   I’ve watched these lines get crossed many times through the years.  I’ve spent hours debating in newsrooms what’s legal or illegal, what’s ethical or unethical and just plain old what’s right or wrong.

In this case, I will ask you—the public—what you think.   Should a whistle blower be named, even if you feel his/her motives are politically charged?  Does this keep others from coming forward when they see wrongdoing or perceived wrongdoing?   Are we going after the messenger too hard in this case?

Let’s talk about it. Tell us what you think on the KXL Facebook Page.

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