KXL’s Lars Larson Inside The White House Briefing Room

Portland, Ore. — Taking part in the first ever “Skype Seats” portion of the daily White House press briefing, KXL’s Lars Larson used his question to talk about a serious issue in the Pacific Northwest.

“Commander Spicer, thanks for your service to America and thanks for this opportunity.” Lars started, “The federal government is the biggest landlord in America. It owns 28 percent of the country. The founders couldn’t have imagined that the government needs to be the landlord to the people? Does President Trump want to return the people’s land to the people and until that’s accomplished, will President Trump tell the forest service to start harvesting our forests rather than spending  3 billion dollars a year to put out fires?”

Lars’ reaction to being able to take part in this first time event?

“I’ve been a reporter most of my life, I’ve never aspired to be a White House correspondent but getting a chance to ask two questions on a White House briefing of a spokesman for a president, that I really really think he’s going to do great things for America, that was a real thrill and I’m really glad to see that President Trump is living up to the kind of transparency that we haven’t seen from any other American president. The president who says we will be transparent with the public to the extent of inviting and reporters to ask questions from other parts of the country who are not part of that big media Gaggle in Washington D.C, who are so disconnected from what America is all about that they didn’t know what was happening on November the 8th because they all got surprised because they don’t know what the American people are all about.”

Lars also spoke with KXL’s Rebecca Marshall following his time as a White House Correspondent to talk about his experience.



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