Kroger Store Workers Say Pay Problems Persist

BEAVERTON, Ore.–Workers at local grocery stores say they’re not getting paid, and it’s hurting their lives. 

It all started with a new payroll processing platform in 2022, at Kroger owned groceries like Fred Meyer and QFC. Mike Pappas worked at a store in Beaverton, he noticed it, and asked for a resolution: “No pay… this’ll be resolved in a few days.”

He said weeks later he was still getting incomplete payments, late payments and partial reimbursements, and saved the screenshots of conversations with company management.  He has quit the part time job.

A Fred Meyer spokesperson tells news partner KGW: “We apologize for the impact this has had on those associates. The vast majority of the issues have been resolved, and we are working diligently to resolve those that remain  to ensure all associates are paid accurately and on a timely basis.” The company says the problem’s impacted only a small number of workers. 

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