Kotek Pitches Housing Plan

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s Governor tells lawmakers at the State Capitol they should not end their session without passing her housing plan.  She says it’s the number one issue, for people across the state.  Kotek said she’s heard it over and over.

“Everybody talked about housing. Ontario, Silverton, grants passed. Stories were a little different, but a lot of similarities. I want to live in this community, I want to work in this community, I don’t have a place to live.”

Senate Bill 1537 includes $400 million for moderate income housing, and things that supported like roads and sewers. It would create a Housing Production and Accountability office.  Many developers and lawmakers support it, including Clackamas County District 20 Senator Mark Meek.  “There’s no more urgent need this session than to pass this legislation, so I do appreciate the Governor’s leadership on this. We need over a half a million new homes by 2040 here in Oregon, and to hit this mark we must double our annual rate of production,” said Meek.

But opponents like Julie McGraw with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters say they can’t support the bill’s weakening of land use laws.  “The large urban growth boundary expansions allowed in the bill are detrimental to urgently solving our affordable housing crisis and to our state’s environmental values,” said McGraw.

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