King Tides Splashing Their Way Along Oregon and Washington Coastlines

CANNNON BEACH, Ore.–  Through Wednesday beachgoers need to really pay attention to  the waves along Oregon’s Central and Northern coast.  Parts of  the Washington coastline are also impacted by what we’ve come to know as King Tides.  These massive waves move quickly and cover beaches.  King tides happen when the moon is closest to earth.  The strong gravitational pull creates the bigger than normal wave cycle.  The huge waves are expected to be around through Wednesday January 13th.

Visitors to Cannon Beach and Roads End in Lincoln City report being caught off guard by waves they thought they were far enough away from.

Back to the waves… THIS is why we tell people to stay back from the ocean when we’re expecting high surf. These folks look to have done their best – but the waves almost pushed into their building. *As mentioned in the OP, there is understandably profanity in this video.

— NWS Portland (@NWSPortland) January 11, 2021

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