Jeremy Christian Says He Will Not Testify In His Trial

PORTLAND, Ore.– Jeremy Christian tells the judge it’s best for him not to testify in his Double murder trial.  Christian is accused of stabbing two passengers to Death on a Green Line MAX train in May of 2017.  He is also accused of trying to murder a third.    Christian was asked by the judge whether he wanted to testify on his own behalf. He said no, adding, “it’ll open up can of worms, that’s my biggest issue. There are other reasons I’ve decided not to testify . Christian has until the case is closed to change his mind, if he decides to testify.

The defense is expected to call up one more witness Wednesday afternoon, and the prosecution is prepared to present a rebuttal case.  Closing arguments in the case could begin as soon as Tuesday February 18th.  Earlier today Dr. Timothy Derning finished up his testimony.  Two women who knew Christian from an early age also testified and then a former girlfriend,


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