WASHINGTON (AP) – Ivanka Trump and her brothers are responding to a new art exhibit that portrays the presidential daughter vacuuming crumbs.

Ivanka Trump says in a tweet about the “Ivanka Vacuuming” installation: “Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter.”

Her brother Donald Trump Jr. tweeted it’s “Sad, but not surprising to watch self professed `feminists’ launching sexist attacks against (at)IvankaTrump. In their crazed world, sexism is OK if hurts their political enemies.”

Eric Trump claimed on Fox his sister is a “powerful woman who has done more for women than probably anybody in Washington D.C.”

The art piece by Jennifer Rubell invites the public to “throw crumbs onto the carpet, watching as Ivanka elegantly vacuums up the mess, her smile never wavering.”