It’s All About the Beagles in Oregon and Washington!

By now you’ve likely seen the pictures of the cute pictures of the 4000 Beagles that were rescued from a breeding and research facility in Virginia. 80 of them arrived in at the Humane Society in Oregon this week, 60 in Portland and 20 in Salem. 15 of them went to the Humane Society of Southwest Washington in Vancouver.   They are being adopted out, a few at a time as shelter staff and veterinarians make sure they have the shots and care they need to go to their “forever homes”.

The national attention these puppies have gotten have created an adoption frenzy.   Shelters phones are lighting up with people wanting to know how they can get one.  At the Oregon Humane Society the advise is to get on their website after 5pm and pick out the puppy you want, then fill out a application.  They are going quickly!

Shelter officials are happy about that, but are also cautioning would be adopters to know these dogs will need some special care.  They were bred for research purposes and weren’t given one on one attention.  Beagles are also hounds who use their noses to seek out whatever they can.   They’re gentle and friendly, funny, and love people.  When left alone for too long they can get destructive.   They aren’t quiet dogs either!   But, at the Humane Society there are a lot of dogs already waiting for adoption so if a Beagle doesn’t fit your needs, there are other doggies completely willing to become part of your family.

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