Is Your Position At Work Robot Proof?

PORTLAND, Ore. — We have all been hearing A/I technology like Chat GPT.  And computers and robots have been doing jobs for us for years.  But at what point should you worry about getting replaced by a robot?  KXL’s Brett Reckamp talked with Dr. Subodha Kumar.  He is an expert in this field – Founding Director for Center for Business Analytics and Disruptive Technologies;  Temple University Fox School of Business and member of Institutes for  Operations and Reserach and the Management Sciences.

Dr. Kumar says robots have been working in grocery stores, warehouses, fast food restaurants and more for a long time now.  And, he says to expect more “help” from computers and robots in the coming years.  He says there are some industries and positions that will be affected faster than others.  But, some things can never be replaced.

You can hear a shorter version of Dr. Kumar’s thoughts on Portland’s Morning News by clicking below: