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Is Your Life Not Exciting Right Now?

There is a lie going around that life always has to be exciting, fun and Insta worthy.

Well, can I just tell ya it is a lie? IT IS A LIE. There will be seasons in your life that aren’t thrilling, aren’t exciting and aren’t picture worthy. You’ll be surviving and not thriving. You’ll be serving and not being served back. You’ll be tired and on your knees in prayer. You can ALWAYS live with joy but if you are in a season of life that seems lackluster – THAT IS OKAY! Don’t compare your life to someone else who’s in a different season than you. You’ll only make yourself more miserable and you’ll create false need for more.

More money. More material stuff. More love. More attention. More emotional stimulation. You almost make yourself a victim – a victim to an incredible life that you actual live! When you turn yourself into a victim it is hard to see all the good things you have been and are blessed with.

Why do I say this? Because I’m talking to myself! I’ve seen so many friends on vacation in fun places – Mexico, San Diego, Italy, Bahamas, etc. And all I can think is ‘man, my life is not exciting right now.’ I work a lot and so does my husband. I’m raising a 1-year-old. I’ve got bills and responsibilities. I’m exhausted pretty much all the time and some days I feel like I’m just surviving in this season. I see my friends on vacations around the globe and think to myself that my life isn’t exciting or fun.

News flash to myself – sometimes life isn’t always vacations to Hawaii posted to Instagram. I just can’t be.

Their real life and fun in the sun is for one week and then they will come home and assume their daily routines.

I just keep hearing that women my age aren’t happy because their life isn’t ‘exciting.’ And I’ve come to realization that it just isn’t always going to be that way. It becomes worse because of social media AND we minimize the fun and life we do have.

If this is you – head up. There is a season for everything under the sun.


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