Is Florida Worth a Visit?   YES!

Listen here:

Most of you have probably been to Florida.  It’s the Sunshine State, plus there’s Disney World, so it’s a big draw for a lot of people.   I never had a desire to go before, but my uncle Herb’s 90th birthday part forced my hand. I’m so glad I did!   I loved every minute of my ten day trip!   The party was in St Augustine, which is an adorable small city in the Northeastern part of the state.   It’s touristy, but wasn’t too crowded.  Lots of great beaches, restaurants, and has a historic Spanish fort downtown.

 Next on the trip: Homestead, Florida.  It’s fabulous!  From there you can visit the Everglades.  My kids and I went to the national park there.   We loved it!   You can walk, bike or take a trolley around the paved path on the park that runs alongside a creek, which is full of snakes, turtles, and yes….gators.   The only problem was it was way too hot when we were there.  I’d love to go back when it’s  cooler.   We also took an airboat ride and saw a wildlife show.  Both were super fun!


Homestead is also home to the Fruit and Spice Park run by Miami Dade County.  It’s a 37 acre botanical garden where you can stroll around and pick up fruit that drops on the ground to your heart’s content.  I cannot LOVE this park enough!   I joked that I would like to pitch a tent and move in, but Florida isn’t as easy on uninvited campers as Portland is.  🙂


Next, on to the Keys.   Anyone who has been there knows how unique it is.   It’s tropical, laid back and it very much reminds you that you’re on vacation every minute that you are there.  I met several people who told me they went for vacation, and decided to stay–forever.

Last but certainly not least: Miami.   I expected to hate it.  I’ve heard so many stories about crime, and watched too many T.V shows apparently.   It was beautiful and vibrant and I loved it!   Little Havana was a total blast!