Is Bowpicker’s Worth All the Hype?

In this segment of Veronica’s EATS we look for a place to get really good fish and chips. I had heard that there is always a line outside of Bowpickers in Astoria, so I checked it out. It’s a converted gillnet boat right across from the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and they serve Fish and Chips, and that’s pretty much it. There aren’t a lot of decisions to make except what size of plate you want. Why do people love it so much? “the texture”, “it’s not greasy”, “the breading is light and delicious”. Those are just some of the answers I got.

I ordered a full size (which is five pieces of fish and fries). Let’s start with the fish. It’s tuna, as opposed to cod that you often find in fish and chip dishes. The texture is perfect! For those afraid of tuna because the cans of it we grew up on, and are worried that it will be too “fishy”, don’t worry.   The texture is more like a steak, and it has a very mild flavor.  The breading is light and it didn’t feel greasy at all. It comes with steak fries, tartar sauce and ketchup.

There is almost always a line, but it moves pretty quickly. There are two people in the boat serving up the orders, but they’ve been doing it a long time and move at a brisk pace. People in line are pretty nice, after all they’re all their for the same reason: a delicious lunch or dinner.

Is Bowpicker’s worth the line, and the hype? I, for one, say yes!


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