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Interstate Bridge Plan Seeking Public Comment

It’s a critical time in the next couple weeks, to determine the plan for the Interstate bridge connecting Oregon and Washington.  Planners are trying to get feedback from people in the area.

Ray Maybey’s the Interstate Bridge Replacement Assistant Program Coordinator.
“It’s a critical connection between both Oregon and Washington, we know it’s a vital trade route that supports local jobs and families.”

He explains why the states are spending tens of millions of dollars on a replacement plan.

“The bridges, one of them being over 100 years old, no longer satisfy the needs of modern commerce and travel.  You can see that by the traffic on the bridge. It’s also at risk of collapse in a major earthquake. We are in an area of high seismic risk from a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake. And it’s likely that these bridges would be damaged beyond use in the event of that type of earthquake.”

This week they’re holding community listening sessions and public meetings, starting with one from folks concerned about moving freight on May 27th, then another on about downtown Vancouver on June first.  Next comes an active transportation session on June 8th.  Then a listening session on sustainability and climate on June 17th.  Right now their timeline is to work on planning and environment now, design it by 2024, and start construction by 2025.


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