Intel’s New Chief Stresses Commitment to Oregon

For the first time in ten years, a C.E.O. of Intel, comes to speak to Oregonians.  New Intel boss Pat Gelsinger stresses  the chip maker’s long time Oregon connection. He says the company is expanding its Oregon workforce, which already numbers more than 21,000, and added more than three thousand jobs this year.

He’s is trying to increase support for the CHIPs Act, in Congress, which he hopes would pump billions of dollars into the chip industry, as Asian countries have supported their semiconductor companies.

“Thirty years ago, the United States was manufacturing 37% of the world’s supply of semiconductors.   Today that number has declined to 12%,” he said.   “This industry has moved, largely, to Asia.  And we’ve seen that acutely in the semiconductor shortage, where we’re dependent on very fragile,  concentrated supply chains.”

The idea is winning support from both republicans and democrats, including Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.  He said, “You can’t have a big league economy without advanced chips, and this is good news for us as he leads the company and our state in the effort for worldwide chip infrastructure, with its headquarters in Oregon.”

Gelsinger and Wyden spoke to the Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit.

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