OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – A new Washington state report says that despite two decades of recovery efforts, some salmon runs still declining.

The report , released Wednesday by Gov. Jay Inslee’s Salmon Recovery Office, found that in most of the state, salmon populations are below recovery goals. Fifteen of Washington’s 33 genetically distinct salmon and steelhead populations are listed as threatened or endangered, and eight of those 15 are declining or not making progress. Five others are making some progress but are still below goals.

The report also noted some bright signs: summer chum in Hood Canal are improving and nearing the recovery goal, and fall chinook in the Snake River are doing a little better thanks to changes in hatchery management and dam operations, as well as habitat restoration.

Researchers said salmon recovery organizations need more money: In the past decade they received only 16 percent of the nearly $4.7 billion they said they needed for salmon recovery projects.

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