Informational Rally On Net Neutrality Today

Portland, Oregon – It doesn’t take too much time on social media to realize that the issue of “Net Neutrality” has caught fire. It’s a loss of internet freedom and a big hit to our pocketbooks. That’s how a newly formed Oregon group looks at the FCC’s push to dump Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality Oregon wants hearings before that becomes a done deal. The group’s Vallie Gillham says there’s too much to lose. Gillham says we’ll all eventually pay more to companies for a so-called gold plan that we now access for free. Most recent polls show a majority of Americans are opposed to the changes.

F you want to learn more about how you could be affected by the potential end of Net Neutrality, the group will be holding an informational rally today on Black Friday from NOON to 1pm at the Verizon Store inside of Washington Square.

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Members of Net Nuetrality Oregon, the organization working to keep the Internet open and opposing regulations being proposed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, will be doing an informational rally at the Verizon Store inside of Washington Square. They will be handing out leaflets to consumers, letting them know the effects of the proposed rulings, and urging people to advocate against them. Net Neutrality Oregon believes that removing regulations that ensure equal access to web contact for all is a fundamental necessity for our democracy. The proposed rulings would violate freedom of speech, as consumers would be paying more for access to faster Internet and access to web content that should be accessible to everyone. Educators, students, small businesses, nonprofits, churches, just about everyone who will not be able to pay higher prices will be impacted.

When: noon to 1pm, Friday, Nov 24

Where: Outside of the Verizon store inside of Washington Square.

Who Members of Net Neutrality Oregon and other supporters of an open Internet.

Net Neutrality Oregon believes that it is important that people understand the effects on everyone if the net neutrality regulations put in place during the Obama administration are removed. The Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days in the year, when consumers flock to stores for low prices; many will be visiting the Verizon store in search of phones and Internet plans. Verizon supports the proposal to remove the regulations, as they will be hoping to profit by being able to charge consumers more for faster speeds and full access to web content.

A majority of Americans oppose the new proposed rules, and one FCC Commissioner is urging a vote against it and is advocating for hearings to be held. Jessica Rosenworcel thinks consumers should have a voice in the process. Handouts at the informational rally will have information about how people can contact commissioners and their elected officials to speak out for net neutrality.

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