Influential Oregon CEO On Local Benefits Of A Unified Korea

Portland, Oregon – Some are optimistic after meetings between President Trump and both North and South Korean leaders. Seemingly proving progress toward a unified Korean peninsula. None are more optimistic than the CEO of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.


Dr. Tae Yun Kim began moving the headquarters of her Silicon Valley founded company to Medford, Or last year and has since been working with state politicians, organizations, and universities to attract more business and opportunity for growth.

With the prospect of a unified Korea, Dr. Kim sees a whole economic market opening up with opportunities for Oregon businesses to operate in Korea and the potential for Korean ventures within Oregon.

Dr. Kim has also been arranging the pathway for educational and business exchange programs between Korea and Oregon.

This month she was the keynote speaker at the 2018 World Women Members Conference in San Francisco.  The goal of the Council is to peacefully reunite the Korean peninsula.

She is the Senior Advisor to the international Korean National Unification Advisory Council (NUAC)

Formed in 1980, the National Unification Advisory Council is a constitutional organization which advises by request and makes proposals to the President of the Republic of Korea regarding policy development and implementation for a democratic and peaceful inter-Korean unification.  Its goal is to unify 80 million Koreans, including 25 million people living in North Korea. 

Governor Kate Brown has spoken to Dr. Kim about the potential of becoming Oregon’s un-official ambassador to Korea.  Using her relationships to bring Oregon to the forefront of a world that includes a unified Korean market.

She has fallen in love with the beauty of Oregon and wants to give back by providing the jobs and training neccessary to keep our high school and college graduates in the state.  She says right now there are not enough skilled jobs available and that adding business opportunites could also bring educational opportunites leading to the attraction of new industries to Oregon.

Next month she will introduce Korean students to Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson in an ongoing effort to connect Korea with educational opportunities in the United States.  She says there are many programs that can be utilized and that with the possibility of an open border between the Koreas, for the first time, there will be educational opportunities in the northern part of the peninsula for Oregonians.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim is very passionate about this process.  A survivor of the Korean War, she has risen from being beaten as a young girl, refusing to adhere to traditional female roles, suffering the death of her brother as he came to her defense, coming to America in the 1960’s speaking no english and working as a janitor, to being one of the most highly regarded figures in Korea at this time.

She is also widely respected internationally.  Six months ago, she was honored by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Then, just last week, again by the American Business Awards with another Lifetime Achievement Award where she beat out thirty seven hundred other nominees.

Dr. Kim spoke with me at length about her experience growing up during war time Korea and the obstacles she faced coming to this country and how she overcame them. In this interview she also describes the dying wish that she shares with many of her generation in Korea.

She spoke also of the conditions that North Koreans have faced and the effects on the families that have been separated and those that will never reach their happy full potential.  Those that have died.

The link below will take you to the full chilling forty five minute interview

Currently on a book tour and will be in Barnes & Noble Eugene Saturday June 23rd (1163 Valley River Drive) at 1 – 3 p.m.  The Portland date has been postponed due to her work currently with the NUAC.  Stay Connected.

Her book is about overcoming any obstacles.  Seven Steps to Inner Power-How to break through to Awesome-Life secrets from a Martial Arts Master.

Photos furnished by Dr. Tae Yun Kim



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