In-depth Series on Tolling for Portland Metro Freeways

PORTLAND, Ore. — The issue of tolling is a one that generates strong feelings on both sides.  And, KXL’s Brett Reckamp produced a special 3 part series on the issue of tolling after visiting at length with ODOT and the people behind IP4 – The Vote Before Tolls Initiative.

KXL visited with Anna Howe, Communications Manager for Urban Mobility Strategy for ODOT, as well as Dean Surh, Author and Co-Petitioner of IP4 – The Vote Before Tolls Initiative.

The issue of tolling on I-205 and potentially on I-5 has been discussed by Oregon lawmakers and others for several years now.  The Oregon Legislature made some moves in 2017, putting some funding behind and launching the concept of using toll revenues to pay for bridge upgrades and also as a way to discourage some drivers from using certain freeways.

In May, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek issued an order that put a pause on any tolling project until at least 2026.  But, the issue is still very much alive and up for debate.

Below you can listen to the 3 part series that aired on KXL and both of the full interviews Brett had with Anna & Dean.



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