Washington, D.C. – Day Two of opening arguments in the Impeachment Trial gets underway on Capitol Hill later this morning around 10am our time, with the House Managers making more opening statements.

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House impeachment managers accused President Trump of trying to “cheat” in the 2020 election as they made their case for his removal from office on the second day of the Senate trial. Lead House manager Representative Adam Schiff said he believes Democrats will make an “overwhelming case” for Mr. Trump’s conviction on charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.Impeachment managers detailed the involvement of Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine policy and the push to “smear” the former ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch.The Democratic managers have a total of 24 hours spread out over three days to present their case and urge senators to vote to remove the president from office. Mr. Trump’s lawyers will then have 24 hours of their own to mount his defense.The mood in the Senate on the second day was antsy. A protester interrupted Congressman Hakeem Jeffries while Senator Tom Cotton elected to order a glass of milk, the only beverage other than water that is allowed.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, tweeted as he departed from the World Economic Forum in Davos. During Schiff’s presentation, Mr. Trump tweeted “NO PRESSURE.” In addition to a number of retweets, he called a comment by Senator Rand Paul “true” that the more the GOP hears Schiff’s arguments, “the more the GOP is getting unified against this partisan charade!”

The trial will resume at 1 p.m. Thursday, when House managers will continue their arguments.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers will present their defense to Democrats’ arguments on Saturday.

Trial adjourns for the night, to resume at 1 p.m. Thursday

Majority Leader McConnell concluded the business for the evening, but not before thanking the young Senate pages whose time at the Senate comes to a close on Thursday.

Members of both parties clapped for the high school students who have carried notes, milk, and water for the members, along with a number of other duties. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also thanked the pages, noting it’s rare to get every Senator in attendance on both sides of the aisle to applaud for a single cause.

In the final half hour of the proceedings, the chamber had the same air as a high school class just minutes ahead of the bell. Senators were checking their watches and packing up their papers, clearly ready for the day to be over.

The trial will resume at 1 p.m. Thursday, when House managers will resume their arguments.

Lofgren takes over arguing impeachment managers’ case

Impeachment manager Zoe Lofgren took over for Adam Schiff at around 8:45 p.m., continuing the argument in favor of removing President Trump.

Throughout the day, impeachment managers have gone methodically through the timeline of the hold on aid to Ukraine. They have relied heavily on video of testimony from current and former administration officials during November’s House impeachment inquiry hearings.

Lofgren picked up where Schiff left off, explaining the events leading up to when the hold on aid was released on September 11. Impeachment managers argue the hold was only released because a whistleblower complaint had raised concerns about the freeze.


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