I Found A Reason To Care About The Super Bowl!!

Of course, it has to do with gambling.  It’s a fun game my guy Brett Reckamp introduced me to (and sorry if I’m late to the party).  I believe it’s called “Super Bowl Squares”.

Here’s a video explaining how it works (If you don’t know the game you need to watch this):

Alright, so I put my name in three squares — at $5 per square — that’s a $15 bet.

The way Brett set our office pool up, there will be a winner for each quarter and a big winner at the end of the game.  Each winner for a quarter gets $70 and the big winner at the end of the game gets $120.

Today, I found out what my numbers are and they’re pretty solid!

My best chance to win big is with a 5 (for the Rams) and a 0 (for the Pats), suggesting a possible FINAL game win — if the score is 35-30 at the end of the game.  I consider that a great bet.

Another promising set of numbers for me is 1 (for the Rams) and, again 0 (for the Pats), suggesting a possible 2nd Quarter win — if the score is, say 21-10 at the end of the 2nd Quarter.

So, in summation, I will cheer for the Rams.  I will cheer for them to be ahead 21-10 going into halftime and I will cheer for them to win the game 35-30.  If I’m lucky, I could have as much as $210 coming my way!!

For a disappointed Chiefs fan desperate for reasons to care about Super Bowl 53 — I’ve found that putting money on the game always helps 🙂



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