I-C-U Nurse Says Work Has Been Like a War Zone

Front line workers have been thrown into the spotlight even more than usual during  the last year plus, and we’ve learned just how hard their jobs are.   They risked their health and their families health by going to work every day while people got sick and died from COVID.

Brittany Arnold’s mom is a nurse in Portland and she spent most of her life here, but her husband is in the coast guard and they just got transferred to California, then to Minnesota, where she’s an I-C-U nurse. She says work as been like a war zone over the past 14 months, but she says she’s going to continue taking care of people.

Brittany was nominated for this week’s “hero” by her dad, Doug Rule. If you’d like to nominate someone for our KXL EVERYDAY HERO, send us an email : [email protected] or leave a message at 503-517-6101.


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