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I-84 westbound from 122nd down to the I-5 split is still shutdown this morning after suspects got into a shoot out with police on the freeway. Officials also have 205 South shutdown at I-84.

The chase and shootout started in Vancouver, and ended on the Banfield freeway near Lloyd Center.  This is all connected to the murder of the Kelso store clerk who was shot and killed last month during a robbery, Kayla Chapman. Around 7:30pm last night Vancouver Police tried to stop 23-year-old Erkinson Bossy, which led to a pursuit across the Glenn Jackson Bridge and onto I-84. Authorities say shots were fired, and cars were stopped in both directions. Witnesses were pretty shaken up. Bossy was taken into police custody, and no one was hurt from the gunfire. Earlier in the day Vancouver Police arrested a third suspect in the case. We are told a Vancouver Officer was injured in the incident, but not from the gunfire.  Authorities say Bossy was the getaway driver in the January 22nd robbery-and-murder in Kelso.

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Posted on FlashAlert: February 5th, 2019 8:59 PM

On February 5th, 2019 two additional suspects in the Kayla Chapman homicide were arrested.  At approximately 3pm Vancouver Police Department did assist in this investigation by locating and arresting  21 year old Nenemeny W. Ekiek.  The Kelso Police Department did take custody of Nenemeny and he was booked into the Cowlitz County Jail for Murder 1.  Nenemeny was identified as the passenger in the vehicle at the time of the robbery that resulted in the death of Kayla Chapman.

Later on this same date, Vancouver Police Department did locate the driver of the suspect vehicle, 23 year old Erkinson K. Bossy.  At approximately 7:30 PM Vancouver Police Department attempted to stop a vehicle with Bossy inside and a pursuit ensued.  The vehicle was finally stopped in Oregon and there were reported to be shots fired.  Bossy was taken into custody and the Kelso Police Department will seek to extridite him from Oregon for charging in the Kayla Chapman homicide.

There are no further details being released in the Kelso case at this time.  Any questions regarding the pursuit and officer involved shooting should be directed to the Vancouver Police Department.


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Posted on FlashAlert: February 5th, 2019 11:23 PM

On Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, at 7:30 p.m., the Portland Police Bureau received information through the Bureau of Emergency Communications that a black truck was being pursued by the Vancouver Police Department Southbound I-205 from Washington State. The pursuit then travelled Westbound on I-84 from Southbound I-205.

At some point during the pursuit, there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect vehicle and a Vancouver Police Department officer. The suspect truck was eventually stopped on I-84 Westbound between 33rd and 12th Avenues. Two individuals were then taken into custody from the truck. One officer from the Vancouver Police Department is being treated for minor injuries at a local area hospital. One suspect sustained life-threatening injuries and is being treated at a local area hospital. The suspect’s injuries are not from gunshot wounds.

This is a collaborative effort between the Portland Police Bureau and the Vancouver Police Department. The Portland Police Bureau is taking the lead on the officer involved shooting investigation. The Portland Police Bureau is working closely with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, the East Major Crimes Team and Washington State authorities.

Any additional information about what initiated this event will be released by the Vancouver Police Department’s Public Information Officer Kim Kapp.

Both directions of I-84 will continue to be closed for several hours between I-5 and I-205.

“This is a complex investigation involving multiple agencies”, said Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, “We will be working with our local agency partners to ensure the completion of a thorough and timely investigation.”

If anyone witnessed or has information about this incident, we encourage them to call Detective Anthony Merrill at (503) 823-4033 or Detective Scott Broughton at (503) 823-3774.

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