HOW You Ask Her To Prom Matters

Portland, Oregon – Long gone are the days of simply asking a girl to go to  Prom. Today’s teens get a lot more elaborate. Southridge senior  Michael Bergstrom’s girlfriend likes horses. So he arranged to have her friend go horseback riding with her and he planned to put on a cowboy outfit, wait at a vineyard with a picnic and pop the question. But it rained that day, so he had to move the whole thing to the stable instead.

Central Catholic junior Emma Ogden and her friend walked to a park where there was an outline of her eventual date and he was holding an ice cream cone. The note directed her to a nearby Baskin Robbins where he was waiting with two ice cream cones and  an invitation to Prom.

Bergstrom says other popular ways to ask girls to Prom are spelling out the word prom with hundreds of lighted candles and using a scavenger hunt to lead the girl to the location. He says another approach is filling her room with balloons and inside one of them is the word Prom.

Bergstrom says asking a girl to a big dance can be challenging because guys are expected to come up with something creative for both Homecoming and Prom. He says you can’t repeat anything. Otherwise, the girl doesn’t feel special.



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