How Well do You Know Your City?

Former Portlander Pamela Transue took a new job to head up Tacoma Community College in Washington.  Since she was new to the city, and wanted to get to know it, she decided to walk every single inch possible.   She spent over four years doing that, and managed to walk every street, cross street, cul-de-sac, and dead end.  According to Tacoma city staff, there are 760 miles of city streets, but you have to duplicate a lot of steps, and back-track.  In all she walked over 1400 miles through Tacoma.

Pam says driving around the city is great, but you can’t see everything that way, and you don’t get feel for the neighborhood.   She says Tacoma, which has long been known as “Grit City” because of the industrial nature of the businesses there, is a beautiful place.  It’s Southwest of Seattle, on the banks of the Puget Sound, and is also locally known as the “City of Destiny”. 

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