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House Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill, President Expected To Sign

(Washington, DC) — The massive economic stimulus bill is headed to President Trump’s desk after final passage by the House. The roughly two-trillion-dollar measure is a response to the growing coronavirus crisis. It is the largest economic rescue package in American history. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the nation is facing an economic and health emergency of historic proportions. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy called the bill a commitment to do everything possible to help Americans in a time of great crisis.

After earlier passage by the Senate, Trump is expected to sign the bill shortly after receiving it. The House tally was done by a voice vote of members in the House chamber, so it will be recorded as unanimous. Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie failed in a procedural attempt to require a vote by all members of the House. All members were not able to get back to DC due to logistical and health concerns related to the coronavirus crisis.

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