Hotel Industry Releases Safe Stay Guest Checklist

This week the American Hotel & Lodging Association released their checklist with tips on how to travel safely during the pandemic.

Greg Astley from the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging association noted they are aligned with national standards in their commitment to safety, but some are taking extra steps, like delaying check-ins, renting rooms after a 24 hour wait, and spacing out room rentals.

He also added the pandemic has been tough on business and that hotels at one point since March, have seen occupancy rates dip into the single digits.

The Safe Stay Guest Checklist includes:

1. Require face coverings in all indoor public spaces and practice social distancing in all common areas.

2. Choose contact-less options, where available, including online reservations, check-ins, and payments.

3. Consider daily room cleaning, only if necessary. Ask the hotel about your options.

4. Request contact-less room service delivery.

5. The top tip of course…Don’t travel if you have, or recently had, any symptoms of COVID-19 or contact with anyone that’s been diagnosed


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