Listen, there’s a lot of tough stuff going on in the world, sometimes we have to stop and chuckle. Kids are a great reminder of the important things, and full of wisdom – albeit, insight that brings a chuckle.

Buzzfeed gathers up some comments from its readers, asking adults to share what they’ve recently heard little kids say.

Here are a few that made us laugh.
Here’s some geography… from a 5-year-old, ‘why is it called Pennsylvania? it’s not even shaped like a pencil!'”

These kids remind me of Cooper and me:
Kid 1: (running around in circles, AKA Luc): ‘I have 8-thousand bottles of energy!’

Kid 2: (sprawled out on the ground, AKA Coop): ‘I have a billion bottles of energy, I just don’t feel like using them right now.'”

This reminds me of our producer, Jim, when he’s tired of us:
From a 5-year-old: ‘I roll my eyes a lot just to keep busy.’”

How about this future obstetrician?
A 3-year-old to her 4-year old cousin: “every time your mom poops, that’s a new brother or sister for you.’”

Laugh even more at the rest of the list.