The Hidden Treasure Found!

Portland, Oregon – The Rose Festival Medallion has been found by Dustin White of Vancouver. The hunt for the festival’s hidden treasure started in the 80’s. It’s hidden each year on public property, somewhere in the metro area, that anyone can access. Clues are posted each day on that leads you to the prize. But it’s not easy. It took White nine trips to the Gorge to find it. This year it was hidden at Eagle Creek Overlook just past Bonneville Dam. When White got the last clue that revealed which boulder it was under, he was so excited, he jumped out of his car, left it running, and locked the keys inside the door!

A call to Triple A and two hours later, White says it was totally worth it and so much fun.

White says it should happen more often, and he can’t wait to search again next year!

Image courtesy of Dustin White.



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