Half A Million Fans Snubbed Out Of Garth Books Tickets Because of Order Processing Problem; Watch Garth Apologize Here

Newberg, Ore. – It was chaos for some local music fans who were trying to buy Garth Brooks tickets this morning. But don’t worry, they’ll go back on sale tomorrow, Saturday morning at 9am. The country music legend is doing his next concert on big screens across the nation, and it will be shown at the 99-W Drive-In, in Newberg. It’s a week from tomorrow and tickets were suppose to go on sale this morning. Some waited in line for hours. But there was a big problem. The online site that was processing the credit cards was saying some cards weren’t valid, when they really were. Some people were charged twice. Some got more tickets than they were allowed. So it was scrapped, and now there’s a re-do. All the tickets are back in the system, and will go back on sale Saturday morning at 9am.

Garth Brooks thanked fans for their patience and support in this Facebook video.


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