Guns. Mental Illness. Mass Shootings

I can almost bet that after you read the slug of this story, you are already tensed up and ready for a debate about gun laws.  Whatever side you take, there’s a good chance you feel strongly about it and no tragic story is going to get you to change your mind.  We have certainly had a lot of tragic stories involving guns.  I believe we can all agree on that.  But, where we go from here is where it gets sticky.

So, here are the questions I want to ask of you.   Do we need tougher gun laws?  How do we keep mentally ill people from getting guns?  What defines a mentally ill person?  WHO decides a mentally ill person?  Can family members play a role by telling police or doctors that someone is unstable?  I’ve posted a couple of links before but would love to hear what you have to say.

Please keep this kind.  I’m really just asking for ideas to fix the carnage.  That’s all.





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