Salem, Oregon – What’s the right age for young people to learn about gun safety? At a hearing today, Oregon lawmakers will look at offering gun safety courses to first graders. A public hearing in the state capitol this afternoon, looks at the possibility of offering firearms safety training in First-grade in Oregon public schools. The classes would not teach students how to use firearms. They’d learn what to do if they find a gun, and about the difference between video-game violence and real life violence.
If Senate Bill 801 passes, the teachers could not use real firearms, and the classes quote “must be nonpolitical and may not encourage or discourage possession or ownership of firearms.” Instructors could be teachers, police, or first responders. What do you think about offering gun safety classes to first graders? Let us know on our KXL Facebook page.

KXL’s Annette Newell contributed to this report.

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