Grocery Workers Vote To Strike

TIGARD, Ore– Members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555, which represents over 29,000 essential workers in Oregon and SW Washington, have voted overwhelmingly to authorize their Union Leadership to call for an unfair labor practice strike against Fred Meyer and Quality Food Centers (QFC) as a response to multiple unfair labor practices (ULPs) committed by the two companies.  Fred Meyer and QFC are both subsidiaries of national retail food giant, The Kroger Co.

“Fred Meyer and QFC have repeatedly violated their legal duties to negotiate in good faith with Local 555, with the most blatant example being Fred Meyer’s refusal to provide information necessary for the Union to negotiate a new agreement and to process grievances. The way these employers have violated the National Labor Relations Act has left grocery workers no choice but to take action,” said UFCW 555 President Dan Clay

Additionally, UFCW Local 555 has been in negotiations for a new contract for these same grocery workers since July 2021. The disregard by these companies for federal labor laws has spilled over into negotiations as their misconduct now undermines the workers’ abilities to negotiate a new contract.

“The pandemic has highlighted both the importance of grocery workers to our communities as well as the struggles they endure to make ends meet, all while producing record profits for Fred Meyer and QFC. Essential Employees deserve the same care and respect now that they have shown our neighbors over the last two years. These employers refuse to acknowledge that their worker’s wages are not keeping up with the cost of living, leaving them and their families at risk while providing food for our community,“ added UFCW 555 Secretary-Treasurer Sandy Humphrey.

Talks will continue Tuesday, December 14th.

Fred Meyer Statement:

” It’s business as usual at Fred Meyer.  A strike authorization doesn’t mean a strike.  Our current offer shows our commitment to the whole person, providing increases, high-quality, affordable health care, and a pension benefit for retirement.  The most productive thing the union can do is to work with the company in a manner that positively addresses these items.  our focus remains on our associates and getting an agreement at the bargaining table.”

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