Gresham Fire Looks At Upgrades To Fire Stations

GRESHAM, Ore.– Six fire stations serving the community need some upgrades. One of them is HVAC systems that can blow out all of the Cancer Causing chemicals fire engines, equipment and fire fighting gear collects.  All those things are stored where firefighters sleep.  So that’s very hazardous to their health long term.

Turnout gear what firefighters wear to fires has to be washed otherwise it absorbs all the toxins from fires and goes right back on a firefighters skin. Special commercial washers with extractors are needed.  There’s only one shared by the 6 stations.  Bathrooms and showers need upgrades to suit the needs of the firefighter of today.  Currently there’s no privacy. Buildings need  Earthquake upgrades.

The Fire Chief has formed a Safer Council  Board to gather more information on what’s needed and the costs of those things.  It will take about 18 months before that groups is ready to look at funding for this big endeavor

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