If you live in the suburbs, chances are you head into the city sometimes for entertainment. or to hit some of the tasty restaurants.

There are several groups that will take you on a food tour.

Sherri Brown of PORTLAND BY MOUTH takes people through the Buckman and Kerns neighborhoods. Right now because of COVID, most of the focus is on outdoor dining. Most of the tours have dishes that focus on meat, but most are adaptable for gluten or dairy free, or vegan.

Sherri throws in some history of the neighborhood, the restaurants, chefs and cuisine while you’re walking from place to place for different courses. The tour takes 2-3 hours and you visit several eateries including Pambiche’s, Wolf and Bear’s, Northeast Portland’s micro food pod The Ocean, which includes 24th and Meatballs. For desert, don’t forget Fifty Licks!


A lot of the focus is local products, including finishing salt made from Jacobsen’s Sea Salt in Netarts.

You can also do a brunch food tour with Portland by mouth in the historic North Mississippi neighborhood.

If you want to book a tour you can go here: portlandbymouth.com ,  or call Sherri at 541- 683-5403.


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