The Grant High School Alumni Association is fast approaching it’s goal to raise $200,000 to restore two historic murals in the school’s auditorium. It will be remain a historic piece of the newly renovated Grant High School campus, but the subject of the murals have some kids pushing back. They do not like the way the native Americans are depicted.  They have some other objections too.

We had a chance to talk to people on both sides, including John Hamnett with the alumni Association and two students who have written an article about this for the Grant High School Magazine.

First, it’s John Hamnett:

Now, it’s Molly Peterson and Willa Poland-McClain from Grant HS Magazine:


What do you think of these art pieces?  Should art be allowed to remain if it is offensive to some?  It’s a debate that’s happening not only on this campus but other places as well.  What do you think?