SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Gov. Kate Brown says Oregon needs to shore up health care, the environment, the education system and housing.

Addressing a packed chamber in the Legislature Monday, Brown said in her State of the State address that Oregon’s unemployment rate is the lowest on record and has one of the fastest job growth rates in the country.

But she said not everyone is prosperous, and that homelessness and spiraling rents must be tackled.

She also pushed campaign finance reform.

Brown was inaugurated before delivering the speech. Lawmakers were also sworn in for the 2019 legislative session, which starts next week.

Democrats control the Legislature, with a three-fifths super majority in the House and Senate, giving them greater power to impose taxes.

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Salem, Oregon – Oregon’s governor and lawmakers are set to be sworn into office at the Capitol in Salem today.

Unlike previous years, Governor Brown and state legislators will take the oath of office at separate times.

Senate and House members who were elected or re-elected in 2018 are scheduled to be sworn in at 9 a.m. and Brown is scheduled to be sworn in at 1:45 p.m.

Brown will also deliver her second inaugural address, also known as the State of the State address, in which she will likely discuss her agenda and expectations for the upcoming legislative session that begins on Jan. 22. Brown already outlined many of her priorities, including getting lawmakers to raise at least $2 billion in taxes to spend on education, when she released her budget proposal in November.

Lawmakers’ ceremonies will take place in their respective chambers, and the governor will be sworn in during a joint session in the House chamber. Members of the public can attend the events, although the seating available in galleries on the third floor is limited.

There will also be live streamed video of the events on the Legislature’s website. People who want to attend can find more information online about overflow seating and timelines of the events.

Portland’s Morning News asked our KXL Political Expert Dr. Jim Moore from Pacific University about what he’s expecting to hear today. Listen to the full segment here:


The inaugural ceremony for Governor Kate Brown will be held on Monday, January 14 at 1:45 p.m. in the House of Representatives in the Oregon State Capitol. After taking the oath of office, Governor Brown will deliver her inaugural address, which also serves as the State of the State address.

“For years we have struggled to overcome the impacts of recession on our state revenue, to build up adequate funding for our education system, and stabilize access to healthcare,” Governor Brown said. “The time is now. Our future is in front of us. We have to turn the corner and make it a reality. Together we can build a better Oregon.”

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