Governor Brown Favors Special Session to Prevent Evictions

After hearing that thousands of Oregonians could lose their homes over the holidays, Governor Kate Brown said she’d be in favor of a special session to prevent evictions. 

At a special meeting with the Governor Wednesday night, members of the Community Alliance of Tenants praised the safety measures Brown’s enacted during the pandemic.   But they’re not enough, says Marih Alyn Claire. “The winter and holiday season is upon us now. Therefore, we’re calling on you, to stop evictions, ensuring tenants are able to remain safe in their homes.  The wait and see, patchwork policy approach isn’t sufficient.”

Since the end of the pandemic eviction moratoriums, she says many landlords have rapidly increased rents.  “We can’t afford a rent increase under pandemic conditions and cover 6% rising inflation rates on goods and services.  Tenants need a full and comprehensive housing protection plan that lasts for the duration of the pandemic, and Oregon’s economic recovery.”

The governor thanked the speakers for their feedback.  She promised her staff would work with them, and called for action from state lawmakers. “Let’s figure out a way to get the legislature into special session quickly, and pass an extension of the safe harbor, if we can get the votes to extend the rental eviction moratorium, that would be fabulous,” said Brown.

She said she’s working on long term solutions.  “We are fighting with every single tool that we have, to keep our renters, in your homes.  And we will continue to fight with every single resource that we have to build more affordable units across the state.”

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