GOP Fireworks on KXL

Boy, that Oregon GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate got a little testy!

“Why are you guys ganging up on me?” was the question from Sam Carpenter live Friday on the Lars Larson Show.

I can understand Carpenter’s frustration.

Watch the full debate here:

Carpenter really did appear to be going it alone against both the front runner Knute Buehler and fellow challenger Greg Wooldridge.

All throughout Friday’s one hour primary debate, Carpenter was generally on the defensive against the other two candidates, at one point, even losing his temper.

The “Make Oregon Great Again” candidate and avid Trump supporter didn’t appear to do himself many favors with gun rights advocates either.

Both Buehler and Wooldridge flat out promised not to enforce Oregon Initiative Petition 43, if it’s passed into law by voters.

When asked whether he would enforce it, Carpenter said he would need to “get into the machinery of it” and that he would “follow the law”.

The internet went wild after that.

I must say, as I watched during commercial breaks I could REALLY feel where the tension was.

Carpenter spent most of those breaks with his campaign team while Buehler and Wooldridge remained at their podiums chatting it up with Lars.  At one point, Lars, Buehler, and Wooldridge got into a fun chat about Lars’ flight with the Blue Angels.

Wooldridge smiled and talked about how he would try to get media V.I.P.’s to pass out when he took them up in his blue F-18. (If you weren’t aware, Wooldridge was a long-time commander for the Navy’s Flight Demonstration Team.)

Buehler chimed in where he could and chuckled.

Meanwhile, Carpenter was huddled with his team.

From my perspective, I was a little surprised to see Carpenter take so much of the punishment.  I had guessed Carpenter and Wooldridge might team up against Buehler in order to knock him down a peg.

Seeing Wooldridge ally himself with Buehler gave me the impression Wooldridge isn’t REALLY in it to win anymore, but rather to help knock Carpenter out of the race.

The big news from the event — Buehler said he isn’t sure yet whether he’ll endorse Carpenter — if Carpenter wins the Republican nomination.

All three men agreed that it’s high time to kick Democrat Kate Brown out of office.



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