Google’s AI Powered Headphones with “Universal Translator”

Google going head to head with Apple with new AI Powered Headphones

Google is not far from the heels of Apple and is rapidly gaining ground with their new AI powered headphones. The internet and tech giant has just announced this new addition to their device family and it comes with some pretty neat features using artificial intelligence (AI).   The Google Pixel Buds are similar to Apple’s AirPod headphones with a few notable exceptions, including the remarkable ability to live translate 40 languages with just the touch of a button or speaking a prompting phrase, like “help me speak Spanish.”

What is required to use Google’s AI Powered Headphones?

This functionality is only available when the headphones are paired with a Google Pixel 2 phone, further demonstrating how Google is looking to directly compete with Apple in the mobile field. The earphones are able to utilize Google’s AI-powered, voice-activated assistant, Google Assistant. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s statement to investors, “We have improved our translation ability more in one single year than all our improvements over the last 10 years combined.”

Google has been rolling out features that are unique on their Pixel format for awhile now.  Unlike Apple; however, these features do seem to eventually make it to other Android phones.  An example is Google Daydream, a Virtual Reality system that started on the Pixel but now is available on other devices such as the latest Samsung phones.

Are the AI Powered Headphones an example of combining devices and artificial intelligence?

Mobile technologies are increasingly developing to integrate into new areas of our lives. Devices are even able to turn your phone into a mobile lab. Pairing machine learning and mobile devices will only continue to expand the possibilities of our mobile devices.  We will continue to see growth in this combination of devices including translation, voice recognition, AR, VR and other technologies.

How can I get Google’s AI Powered Headphones?

The earbuds will cost $159 when they become available in November. Preorders have just begun on the Google store website.

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