Going to California?  Check out Santa Cruz!

There’s a lot of cross-travel between neighboring states.   In the Northwest it’s a straight shot to a vacation in California if you head south on Interstate 5.  That’s what I did last week.  I picked up some nieces and nephews in Northern California, then headed down to the Bay Area.   Most people do the sight-seeing thing in San Francisco, and that’s fine, but I think Santa Cruz to Monterey is way more interesting!   We did A LOT during the trip, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and visited the city of Watsonville to see Kell’s Castle and taste some of the outstanding produce in the region, but the kids chose the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk as #1.  You can hear more here:


Produce stand in Castroville. (Photo by Veronica Carter
Kynzi checking out the interactive display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Photo by Veronica Carter)
Gotta have that souvenir! (Photo by Veronica Carter)
Catching some waves at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk (Photo by Veronica Carter)
The strawberries are to die for here!  (Photo by Veronica Carter)


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